Introduction & Background

Experienced Information Security hands on technology leader with a demonstrated security, vulnerability management & penetration testing accomplishments, specializing in cloud security. Areas of expertise include: Enterprise Software, Regulator Compliance, Application Security, Identity and Access Management, Cloud Security, Container Security, Enterprise Architecture, DevSecOps, Pen Testing, Encryption/PKI and Infrastructure Architecture.

An accomplished professional with over 10+ years of diverse IT experience in the fields of Software Engineering, Information Security Architecture, Network Architecture, Program Management, Technical Operations and Enterprise Solutions Architecture.

Creative problem solver and strategic decision maker in fast-paced fluid and cross functional environments.

Areas of experience & interest

Cloud Security   Configuration Management(Ansible, Puppet, SaltStack)   Process Automation   Kubernetes/Istio   Cryptography   Microservices   DevOps/DevSecOps   Continuous Integration   Network/Data/Infrastructure Security   DFIR   Network Penetration Testing   Wireless Security   Reverse Engineering   Programming(Python, Golang, Bash)  

Work Experience

Pentester Academy Badges

WiFi Security Basics

Password Cracking Basics

Some projects I am Working On

Additional Information

Information Security I currently work as a Senior Security Architect for Evernote. I am the singular Security Architect in the organization, and handle Network, Data and Cloud Security
DevOps/DevSecOps I have over a decade of DevOps experience including, CI/CD, Infr as Code, Configuration Management(Ansible, Puppet and SaltStack), Server Management, Monitoring and automation

I write a blog covering technical and opinion articles that can be found here: